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me quiero unir

Mensaje  macl44 el Sáb Feb 26, 2011 7:24 pm

Real life name: macdiel Monterroso
In the name of the game: macl44
Age: 12
Gender: male
Location and time zone: guatmala, Guatemala
Have you been in any other clans?: if
Why would you like [IOH]?: xq I like having friends
What can you do to contribute to [IOH] *: whatever
Favorite weapons: tec 9 and grenades
Score: If you play in GamerX [EUR]: no
What mistakes do you know: (c-major bug) none
What server / s do you play?: in Latin American server
What do you like doing in the game: friends
What other skills do you think we could help: tell something


<Walking Fghting weapons>: * / 10 = 7
Fighting <Running weapons>: * / 10 = 6
Fly <Helicopter>: * / 10 = 9
Fly <Plane>: * / 10 = 7
Scripts: * / 10 = 7
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